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Asda'a engaging solution to leap year quandary

To celebrate the leap year tradition of women proposing marriage to the man in their life on 29 February, ASDA is offering ladies in love the perfect gift to pop the question with – an exclusive men’s engagement ring at a real gem of a price!

The nine carat ring set with three diamonds comes in two colour gold and is available from all ASDA stores with a jewellery counter for just £37, making it possible for ladies-in-love to pop the question, without having to pop to their bank for a loan.

ASDA is even offering a free re-sizing service to make sure the ring perfectly fits the ring-finger of their husband-to-be.

What’s more, ASDA is also providing an extra special way for women to amplify their affections on 29 February.

The supermarket is freeing up the tannoys in all its stores for anybody who would like to propose over the airways to their unsuspecting other half whilst they do the weekly shop.

Justine Reid, jewellery buyer at ASDA, comments: “Everybody knows that love shouldn’t cost anything but if we had to put a price on it, we think that £37 is the best deal around. Our men’s engagement ring is set to be a real jewel in our crown and means that women no longer have any reason not to propose to the man they love.”

The leap year tradition means that women can propose to men on 29 February dates back to a 1288 law by Queen Margaret of Scotland which meant that fines were levied if a marriage proposal was refused by a man, ranging from a kiss through to a silk gown.

Many men felt that this put them at too great a risk and eventually fought and won the battle for it to be restricted to leap year’s only.

Posted in Press Centre on 27 February 2008