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Asda rolls out trade-in and pre-owned games

New ’Buy, Play, Trade’ Service Available In 235 Stores Nationwide

Asda announced today that it has launched trade in and pre-owned games in 235 stores nationwide following a successful five store trial.

Asda’s trade in and pre-owned games service will enable millions of its customers to bring in unwanted games and trade them in against other titles or exchange them for money. Any money exchanged will be placed onto an Asda ’Buy, Play, Trade’ card to reduce the price of future game purchases. If customers prefer, they can also choose to spend the money they receive on other products across the entire store.

The nationwide service means avid gamers can now save even more money off their entertainment purchases at Asda. The supermarket is already widely recognised as the price leader on new releases such as FIFA 11, which it sold last week for £29.97.

In order to launch its new trade in service with a bang, last week Asda also offered a market leading trade in deal, where customers could purchase FIFA 11 on Xbox360 or PS3 for just 97p. The trade in deal ran for three days and was a phenomenal success allowing Asda to recruit thousands of pre-owned leading titles from its customers.

Fergal Gara, Asda’s category director for music, video and games said: “Entertainment has always been a key category for Asda, but more recently we’ve set ourselves the target of being the best general retailer in the market. The launch of ’Buy, Play, Trade’ is one of the key steps towards reaching that goal.”

Andrew Thompson, Head of Games at Asda said: “We feel there is no better time to launch trade in and pre-owned games. With uncertain economic conditions and spending cuts dominating the headlines, customers need our help more than ever to help lower the cost of living.”

“Our objectives are clear – we want to deliver outstanding value for money for our customers, but also drive bigger market share on new release games titles, through market leading trade in promotions.”

There is already a thriving market for pre-owned games in the UK, estimated to be in the region of £4-500m. Once the sole domain of specialist games retailers, Asda’s entry follows two years of significant growth in the games sector.

Posted in Press Centre on 10 October 2010