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Asda rollback Petrol & Diesel and spark fuel price war

ASDA today (25 June 2007 ) ignited a fuel price war by rolling back the price of both diesel and unleaded petrol by up to two pence per litre, across the country to just 93.9p per litre.

Drivers will be able to top up their tanks, from tomorrow morning, safe in the knowledge that at every ASDA petrol station the price is the same – a promise that other petrol retailers can’t make.

The price drop follows a recent AA announcement that it’s costing Britain’s motorists £77 more a year to keep a small family car on the road.

This is in addition to recently released ASDA research that shows the average British family only has £146 spare cash per month once they’ve covered their living expenses.

“Not only have we rolled back the price of petrol putting more pounds in people’s pockets, but customers from Falkirk to Falmouth, Brighton to Belfast, Cardiff to Coventry, in fact wherever you fill up at ASDA, are guaranteed exactly the same price at the pump,” said David Miles, ASDA’s petrol director.

On top of this price reduction, all ASDA credit and store cardholders are entitled to a further two pence per litre discount when paying for fuel with their card.

This is automatically deducted when paying for fuel with an ASDA store or credit card.

Posted in Press Centre on 25 June 2007