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Asda Mums think David Cameron most likely to come out on top in live TV debates

New research shows that 45 per cent of Asda Mums are undecided voters and 22 per cent think that the TV debates will help make up their mind

Nearly half of Asda Mums are planning to watch the TV debates, the first of which will air tonight on ITV at 8.30 pm. Twice as many more Asda Mums think that David Cameron will come out on top (63 per cent) than Gordon Brown (31 per cent) and only 1 per cent think that Nick Clegg will win the TV battle.

During the debate itself, the majority of Asda Mums think that David Cameron will be the most the likely to give the best answers (55 per cent), compared to Gordon Brown (32 per cent) and Nick Clegg (12 per cent). They also think that Gordon Brown will be the leader most likely to contradict himself (63 per cent) and the leader most likely to lose his temper during the debate (71 per cent).

When it comes to appearance, Asda Mums think that Gordon Brown is the most likely to look the scruffiest (73 per cent), while David Cameron is most likely to look the smartest (68 per cent). They also think that David Cameron is the most likely of the three to wear a shirt without a tie.

However, research shows that appearances alone will not win over Asda Mums in this election. When asked about important attributes in a potential British Prime Minister, Asda Mums listed morals (77 per cent), ability to handle a crisis (76 per cent) and economic expertise (54 per cent) as the most important characteristics. On the other hand, they listed charisma (8%), speaking ability (7 per cent) and good looks (0 per cent) as the least important characteristics.

The TV debates highlight the importance of providing new ways of engaging the UK public in the election. 47 per cent of Asda Mums think that the debates will bring a wider audience to politics and 22 per cent of Asda Mums say that TV debates will help them decide who to vote for.

Earlier this week, in a first for UK retailers, Brown, Cameron and Clegg posted online election broadcasts at, exclusively addressing Asda shoppers. It was an opportunity for the party leaders to directly address the concerns of Asda shoppers, 45 per cent of whom are currently undecided about who to vote for.

Asda has also invited each of the parties to provide a senior spokesperson to take part in an online webchat with shoppers. Ed Balls, Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families and Maria Miller, Shadow Families Minister, have already confirmed that they will participate in the webchats, which will take place in the next fortnight, with more details to be announced this week. Shoppers who wish to take part in the webchats can pre-register questions on the website.

Posted in Press Centre on 15 April 2010