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ASDA mums go mad for linen

  • The increase in AB shoppers has led to demand of premium products like 100% Linen
  • Sales of bikinis have risen by 22% year on year.

Despite the recent snow and freezing temperatures across the country, ASDA has noticed a very unusual demand for summer clothing from customers.

Requests for swimwear, flip flops and natural materials like 100% cotton and linen have been flooding into the stores headquarters and sales of bikinis have surprisingly risen by 22% year on year.

Savvy shoppers told ASDA they wanted to buy summer wear now to spread the cost of their holiday wardrobes. George customers also told the supermarket that items like linen can be worn now and all the way through to the summer months, dressed up or down, making it a low ‘cost per wear’ item.

Trends for timeless classics, like linen, are also being associated with a return to more frugal, guilt free spending during the recession. Fiona Lambert, George Brand Director comments:

“Shoppers are getting even savvier with their spending and as they are having to save to buy anything new they are planning well in advance for their holiday wardrobes. Natural fibres, like linen are also being associated with frugal living and mums especially are going back to trends they were familiar with in the 90s.”

“We saw the linen trend coming through on the catwalks last year and so brought our safari-inspired range forward by three months. Linen is great as it flatters everyone, no matter what shape or size and is versatile enough to be worn in the office, shopping, on holiday or on nights out. ”

ASDA is expecting linen sales on their *Moda line to be up approximately 40% year on year, with linen trousers expected to be up by 26% in the first month of going on sale. A pair of £18 wide-legged linen trousers will be available in stores nationwide from today (Thursday, February 19th).

Lambert goes onto say: “Normally the perceptions of linen is that it is a style only worn by older women, but as linen trousers have now been spotted on style icons like Lindsay Lohan, J Lo and Sienna Miller, it’s attracting a much younger fan base.”

ASDA had in excess of 800, 000 new customers last year, most of which were from the South of England. There was also a 12% increase in the amount of AB shoppers to the store and this combined has added to the demand for more premium products like 100% linen, cashmere jumpers and white cotton shirts as these shoppers seek out real value on quality products.

Posted in Press Centre on 19 February 2009