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Asda Mums call on George Osborne to cut fuel duty at tomorrow’s Budget to lower cost of filling up

  • 54% of Asda Mums forced to drive their cars less as a result of the spiralling cost of fuel
  • Typical Asda shopper has just £25 a week to fill up their car, yet cost of average tank has topped £70
  • Combined cost of duty and VAT already equates to more than 80p of retail price of both unleaded and diesel

Asda Mums today (Tuesday 20th March) called on the Government to stop taxing the school run by reducing the cost of fuel duty. The call follows news that UK drivers are now paying the highest fuel taxes in Europe. Over half of those polled (54%) admit they have had to cut back on driving due to the spiralling cost of filling up.

Asda Mums surveyed said they wanted the Chancellor George Osborne to cut, not just freeze, fuel duty in order to lower the cost of driving. The combined cost of duty and VAT already equates to more than 80p of the retail price of a litre of both unleaded and diesel.

The nationwide survey revealed that Asda Mums only have an average of £25 to spend on fuel each week and with costs increasing they’re cutting back on essential spending in other areas just to make ends meet. The average cost to fill up a tank is now more than £70.

This week fuel campaigners will lobby parliament to protest against sky-high fuel taxes and petrol pump prices. Organised by the FairFuelUK group, the protest will include a Downing Street presentation of a CEBR report that says that even a modest cut in fuel duty of 2.5p per litre would create 180,000 new jobs.

Andy Clarke, Asda CEO & President said:

“I take my lead from what our customers tell us and I think the Chancellor should too. Asda mums are saying loud and clear that the single most important thing they want from the Chancellor is a cut in the cost of fuel. Most want to see the planned fuel duty increase scrapped – in fact over half of Asda mums we spoke to want duty cut, not frozen.”

Last week (Thursday 15th March) Asda launched a new petrol price comparison site, powered by independent price checker, to enable drivers across the UK to find the lowest priced fuel before they fill.

The supermarket aims to save Britain’s 38m drivers millions of pounds at the pumps each year by publishing the highest, lowest and average prices in every one of the 195 towns in which it operates a filling station.

It will also publish the price it charges for both unleaded and diesel to allow drivers to check and compare prices within a three mile radius of their local Asda forecourt.

Asda’s independently powered price checker is quick and simple to use. Drivers simply log onto its website from their PC, tablet or smartphone and enter their postcode. The site will then locate the nearest Asda filling station to where they live and display the highest, lowest and average prices within a three mile radius of that location.

Asda intends to expose the huge discrepancies charged by its rivals in towns where Asda doesn’t currently operate. For example, in Worcester, where Asda doesn’t have a store or filling station, diesel costs as much as (148.9) pence per litre – 5p more than Asda charges at any of its filling stations across the UK.

Research by the AA has previously shown that the presence of an Asda filling station in a town has a direct correlation to the average price per litre charged at the pumps by its rivals. Last year it also calculated Asda was on average 1.5p per litre cheaper than its nearest rival on price.

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Posted in Press Centre on 20 March 2012