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ASDA Moves Petrol and Diesel to 99.9p Nationwide

ASDA today dropped the price of both petrol and diesel to 99.9p per litre nationwide across all its 176 forecourts, despite others being reluctant to pass on recent cost falls to their customers.

UK motorists have become accustomed to diesel prices being consistently higher than petrol, but the reality of current costs means that this should no longer be the case. With average UK pump prices yesterday standing at 103.8p a litre for unleaded and 105.1p for diesel, many fuel retailers are failing to pass on lower diesel costs to their customers.

David Miles, ASDA Commercial Director said: “There is no justification for any major retailer selling fuel above £1 per litre – that is why we are delighted to be able to reduce both petrol and diesel to 99.9 pence per litre for all our customers in line with falling costs. ASDA is offering value to all drivers nationwide and we can guarantee all our customers that they’ll get a fair price for their fuel no matter what they fill up with at the pump.”

In further evidence of the complete turnaround from this time last year, when diesel was 13p per litre more expensive than petrol, it is the price of diesel that has fallen back the most as European diesel usage has declined. Diesel costs are currently stable and for the first time since May 2007 mean that diesel and unleaded prices should be the same price at the pump.

Posted in Press Centre on 09 July 2009