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Asda leads way on dropping petrol prices again!

On the day the Bank of England cut interest rates by a massive 1.5 per cent, ASDA announced it would be doing its bit to help Britain’s hard-pressed consumers by dropping the price of unleaded petrol yet again by a further two pence per litre.

This is the ninth time the supermarket has cut the price of petrol since July.

The supermarket’s new national price of 92.9p a litre is the lowest in the UK and will be available at all 172 of ASDA’s forecourts from tomorrow morning (Friday 7th November).

Falling US demand for gasoline has helped push down the price of petrol, whereas diesel costs are remaining steady.

ASDA trading director Darren Blackhurst said: “We are seeing further reductions in our cost price which we’re immediately passing on to all our customers as we continue to lead down the price of petrol. Diesel costs remain high and leave no room for further cuts at this stage.”

Differences in costs and falling demand for gasoline mean the gap between unleaded and diesel prices is unlikely to reduce in the short term.
Also falling from tomorrow at ASDA is the price of LPG, down from 49.9ppl to 45.9ppl. Most UK forecourts continue to charge over 50ppl. LPG is available from 14 of the supermarket’s forecourts across the country.

Posted in Press Centre on 06 November 2008