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ASDA today (25 September 2006) announced it is cutting fuel prices again, for the fifth time in as many weeks and setting new lower pump prices at all of its 167 petrol stations across Great Britain and Northern Ireland from tomorrow morning. 

ASDA’s new national fuel prices will see unleaded petrol drop by another 1p to 84.9 pence per litre with diesel falling by 2p to 89.9 pence per litre at all its forecourts.  

Unlike other retailers ASDA’s national fuel prices mean that motorists filling up at the pumps don’t pay a premium if there is no competition in the area.

This follows on from the supermarket’s price drop last week.  This latest cut sees unleaded petrol pump prices drop to their lowest since June 2005.

Unleaded has now fallen by 13 pence per litre since the beginning of August. 

Further falls in the cost of petrol are enabling ASDA to pass on these cost savings to its customers.   

To make sure all its customers benefit from the lower costs, ASDA has once again reduced the prices at all its forecourts to the same level, irrespective of where customers live and the prices set by local competitors. 

On top of this price reduction, all ASDA credit and store cardholders are currently entitled to a further two pence per litre of fuel discount when paying with their card[i]. 

ASDA trading director, Andy Brem, said: “At ASDA unlike other retailers, you pay exactly the same price for your fuel wherever you fill up at the pumps.  The latest price cut is a further example of ASDA making motoring more affordable, it’s our fifth move in as many weeks and illustrates our commitment to passing on cost savings to our customers.”



[i] This is automatically deducted when paying for your fuel with an ASDA store or credit card.

Posted in Press Centre on 25 September 2006