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Asda launches the 'Antechs Roadshow'

  • British homes are sitting on a £multi-billion fortune in unused old gadgets that can easily be converted into cash
  • Asda offers customers the opportunity to “cash in their digital chips”
  • Online trade-in service available immediately, in-store service launches in June
  • “Best Price Paid” pledge to beat trade-ins elsewhere

British homes are sitting on a mountain of unused gadgets worth billions of pounds, according to national Omnibus polling for Asda. The poll found that there could be at least 35 million unused old mobile phones. More than a million UK homes have five or more unused old mobile phones rattling around in kitchen drawers. The trade-in value of the mobile phones alone is estimated to be £700 million.

Old gadgets are prized for their refurbishment and recycling value. Refurbished technology is routinely resold in the UK or overseas. Recycled gadgets are highly prized by specialist firms that are able to extract rare metals and use them in other devices.

Based on the Omnibus polling, Asda calculates that there are 11 million old unused digital cameras, 9 million old PCs, 5.5 million old laptops, more than a million redundant Sat Navs and 12 million outdated games consoles in UK homes. The total trade-in value of these items amounts to several billion pounds.

To encourage households to cash-in on the value of their old technology a new electronic trade-in service is launched today by Asda, with a pledge to pay the best price for gadgets traded in. The new service will enable millions of customers to send in and trade their unwanted tech items for cash. And from June, customers can pick up envelopes in all stores nationwide to earn cash from their unwanted electrical goods.

Phil Stout, Asda’s Electronics Service Manager said: “We reckon that the average UK home has hundreds of pounds worth of old gadgets that could be traded in for cash. There are more mobile phones in the UK than people, for example, so there is a lot of cash out there waiting to be released. Our tech trade-in service means customers can now save even more on their gadget purchases at Asda or use the bounty to save on the cost of day-to-day living.”

From today, customers can trade in mobile phones, Sat Navs, digital cameras, MP3 players and portable games consoles online. From the beginning of June, Asda will offer customers the chance to trade in other larger electronic gadgets such as laptops, tablets and games consoles for cash.

The Asda Tech Trade-in offers a “We will not be beaten on Price” offer against stated market leaders – if a better price is offered for the same gadget by a listed competitor, Asda will pay the difference.

To use Asda’s Tech Trade-In, customers just need to go online at and find their item and get a price. From the start of June, Tech Trade-in envelopes will be in store for customers to send their electronic items for cash.

Phil Stout added: “By recycling, refurbishing or repairing these items we’re also helping the UK to become greener – meaning all that electrical equipment in your drawers can still have a useful life.”

Visit to find out more and trade in your electronics.

Posted in Press Centre on 16 May 2011