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ASDA is encouraging parents across the country to ‘shop’ their local school, if they are told where they must buy their school uniform from. 

The Shop ‘em to Stop ‘em campaign petitions, which go onto George counters across the country today (14 August 2006), provide the opportunity for parents to give details, anonymously if they wish, of schools that dictate where they must buy uniforms from. 

The petitions will then be handed to the Office of Fair Trading* which has recently written to 10,000 schools across the country. 

The study follows complaints from parents that they are being bullied into buying school uniforms that are over priced and are poor quality from ‘preferred outfitters’. 

“You don’t need a GCSE in maths to see that something doesn’t quite add up,” says Angela Spindler, George Global’s managing director. 

“Customers have always told us that they think it’s unfair that in some cases they are being forced to pay over the odds, by the school their kids go to, for school uniforms.  It’s something that we’ve been campaigning to put a stop to for some time. 

"We are appealing for any parent who thinks that it’s not on, to come to ASDA and sign the Shop ‘em and Stop ‘em campaign today,” added Angela. 

The school uniform market is worth £450 million, according to the OFT. 

A quick search on the internet revealed that a black school blazer available from George that sells for £10 was £22 from one of the ‘preferred’ school outfitters  ASDA sells more school uniforms than anyone else. 

Last year alone customers bought 2.5m trousers, over half a million shirts and 2.5m skirts.   Prices start at just 95p for a white shirt, a pair of grey trousers or skirt costs just £1.95 meaning that you can get a school outfit for an incredible £2.90. 

Parents wishing to sign the petition should visit their nearest ASDA, ASDA Living or George store. 

Posted in Press Centre on 14 August 2006