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Asda launches operation soccer swelter

ASDA will bring welcome relief to millions of drivers across the country by announcing that it will drop petrol prices from midnight tonight (00.01 15 August 2007). The move will see unleaded fall to 91.9p - a drop of two pence per litre at all of its 167 petrol stations across the UK. Weak US gasoline demand has resulted in falls in European wholesale prices, enabling petrol pump prices to be cut.  

After one of the wettest summers on record ASDA had recently announced that sales of things like slippers, pies and soups were on the up. 

However, with summer finally threatening to happen this week and with most of the country enjoying some sun, customer buying patterns have already started to dramatically change.

Sales of swimming costumes, flip flops, sunglasses, picnic sets, salads, houmus, beer and cold meats have gone through the roof. 

ASDA says it’s upped its order of hot weather related items to stores by 67%.  Customers will also be able to pick up a bargain, with items such as garden furniture reduced because they have not been selling due to the wet weather.

“With floods and continual rainfall we’ve all had the most miserable summer in living memory, said ASDA spokesperson, Ed Watson.    Like the rest of the country our customers are desperate for some summer and it looks like its set to be this weekend. That’s why we launched ‘Soccer Swelter’ to make sure that customers have everything they need to enjoy the sunshine and the soccer this weekend.” 


ProductSales Up Lifts – Week on Week
Road Atlases92%
Fresh Fruit83%
Ice Cubes261%
Hayfever Remedies55%
BBQ Kebabs/Burgers58%
Burger Buns42%
Cold meats40%
Sparkling Water33%
Wine 31%
BBQ Charcoal161%
Ice Cream81%
Posted in Press Centre on 03 August 2007