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Asda launches Operation Deep Freeze: Sales soar as temperatures drop

As temperatures continue to plummet to a shivery -10c in some areas and snow fall is forecast, Asda is gearing up to help customers brave the winter weather this weekend revealing that customers seem determined not to be caught out by the cold snap and are filling their baskets with products to stave off the winter chill.

With the weekend forecast barely rising above freezing, Asda launches operation “Deep Freeze” which see’s on average 40 per cent more cold weather essentials arriving into its stores. The supermarket chain predicts that over the weekend sales will soar as temperatures plummet.

  • Winter Woolies – Sales of jumpers, cardigans and other winter wear has be ploughed into stores as sales soar with a 373% increase YOY with more than 20,000 pairs of long johns being sold in the past four weeks;
  • Duvets & Electric Blankets – are both set to see an uplift in sales of over 300% as more customers look forward to hopping into a nice cosy bed.
  • Hot Water Bottles – 60,000 essential toe-warmers have been delivered into stores along with our cosy blankets (snuggies) which are just a snip at £5
  • Flasks – predicted sales of flasks are set to rocket over 100% per cent as customers ensure they are prepared for any wintry tailbacks on the roads.
  • Car Care – De-icer and screenwash have seen some of the biggest increases. Asda have sold more de-icer in the last week than the whole of February 2011, with an additional ½ million units expected to sell over the weekend Ice scraper sales are up 230% YOY; screen wash sales are up 80% YOY
  • Salt – More than 60 per cent more salt has been picked in anticipation of many UK homes suffering from very icy drive ways. In addition Asda have taken the unusual step to send in extra supplies of cat litter as customers often use this as a replacement for any shortages of salt.
  • Tinned Products & Vegetables – soup, chilli and baked beans are already up by 40 per cent. 50% more Stewing meat, mince and vegetables have been sent into stores as more customers search for a little bit of comfort.
  • Cough and cold remedies – ASDA ploughed an extra 40 per cent more cough and cold remedies into its stores as the cold snap is set to trigger a runny nose for some unlucky customers.

Getting to the supermarket won’t be a problem as cleverly constructed snow ploughs are on stand-by to clear the car parks of Asda’s biggest stores to ensure customers can continue to shop and stick up on winter warmers through the season’s harshest week yet.

Over 1,300 tonnes of grit – equivalent to 100 London buses or more than 200 bull elephants – have also been dropped off at Asda stores across the country.

Asda’s home shopping drivers have also been retrained to the highest industry standard to help them face even the worst wintery weather and safely deliver orders across the UK.

Chris Carden, Asda’s resident weatherman, said:

“Having had snow for the last two winters running, we’ve long been preparing ahead of the anticipated cold snap this year to ensure our customers can stock up on winter essentials for the entire family.

“We have special offers instore across all of our departments from thermals to de-icer keeping all of our 18m customers warm and safe ahead of the bad weather and we’re doing everything we can to make it as easy as possible to continue shopping at Asda. We’re echoing the weather experts with our advice; stay in, stay warm and stay safe.”

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Posted in Press Centre on 04 February 2012