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ASDA Launches Eco-Friendly 'Catch of the Day' Fish

Fresh fish counters in 232 ASDA stores across the country will from today (Monday 15 May 2006) start promoting sustainably sourced fish to allow customers to make more informed purchasing decisions.

The "catch of the day" promotion, the first featuring MSC certified Pacific Cod, will rotate on a monthly basis. The move is one of the first steps towards meeting a promise the retailer made earlier this year (March) to dramatically change the way it sources fish, bringing its sustainable fish policy into line with its parent company Wal-Mart.

The commitment means that within the next three to five years, ASDA will only stock wild-caught fresh and frozen fish from fisheries that meet the Marine Stewardship Council's (MSC) independent environmental standard for sustainable and well-managed fisheries.

ASDA has already stopped selling swordfish as well as removing shark, skate wings, ling, huss (dog fish) and Dover sole from sale.

As part of its campaign the supermarket is also calling for the North Sea to be declared a marine conservation zone to preserve fish stocks for local fishing communities. It believes commercial fishing of the North Sea should be limited to local fishermen who depend on it for their sole income and who use recognised sustainable fishing practices.

It’s also suspended the sale of North Sea cod while it works closely with EU Fisheries (DG Fish) and the North Sea Regional Advisory Committee to establish a stock recovery plan for the species. It will continue to sell Scottish caught haddock in all its stores in Scotland.

Andy Bond, chief executive at ASDA said: "The 'catch of the day' initiative is proof that we are delivering on our promises. It’s great news for our customers who want to be able to make informed decisions when doing their shopping. As we’ve said before, it goes to show that low prices at ASDA don’t come at any cost.”


Posted in Press Centre on 15 May 2006