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ASDA joins forces with INCPEN to help tackle packaging waste

Today [Tuesday 10th February] ASDA is reaffirming its commitment to cut out unnecessary waste by joining INCPEN (The Industry Council for Packaging and the Environment) – one of the UK’s leading non-government organisations helping to make packaging more sustainable throughout the supply chain.

The supermarket, which has already reduced packaging on its own label products by 25% in the last 12 months, will now pool its operational knowledge and technical expertise with material suppliers, packaging manufacturers and other retailers of packaged goods from across the globe, in a bid to minimise the environmental impact of the product supply chain for the greater good.

By working cross-functionally with other influential companies under INCPEN’s guidance, ASDA hopes the industry can implement cross-sector improvements to help reduce consumption and keep costs to a minimum – enabling the supermarket to pass on savings by lowering prices so that its customers can afford to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Shane Monkman, ASDA’s packaging buyer, said: “Our customers tell us time and time again that they want to buy good quality food which isn’t packaged excessively, can be easily recycled and has a long shelf life.

“By pooling our resources in a forum dedicated to packaging, we can help pioneer new technologies which will ultimately help our customers reduce the amount of packaging and food waste they throw away – helping them save money in the process”.

Jane Bickerstaffe, Director of INCPEN, said: “We’re delighted that ASDA has chosen to join INCPEN at a time when the economic conditions are driving even more of us to watch our resources and become ever more efficient.

“By bringing together all parts of the supply chain – the companies that make the raw materials for packaging, the companies that convert these materials into packaging, the product manufacturers and the retailers – we can share an enormous amount of knowledge and together make further improvements that will help benefit everyone.”

Posted in Press Centre on 10 February 2009