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ASDA introduces lowest priced DAB radio in UK

Britain’s lowest priced DAB radio has gone on sale in ASDA stores today for just £15 – half the price charged by many retailers. The news is bound to cause uproar in the radio market which has long been dominated by a handful of retailers – until now!

However, it’s great news for cash strapped Brits who are looking forward to a warm summer ahead spent in the garden listening to their favourite radio personalities and songs. Said James Cawthorne, ASDA electrical buyer: “Radio’s are a national institution, bringing happiness, laughter and song to the homes of millions of Brits since the turn of the last century.

“Technology around radios has improved hugely over the years, but many retailers have shown themselves to be out of tune with customers by charging higher prices at a time when people are tightening their belts. We felt it was time to change the record.”

ASDA’s DAB Plus FM radio is easy to use, portable and provides a clean and crisp sound. It is able to automatically scan and sort radio stations, and can store up to eight of your favourite stations. It also comes with a backlit LCD display and a headphone socket.

It will be available in all of ASDA’s 354 stores throughout the UK at £15 from today until 11th May. This move is the latest in a series of market-leading price promotions from ASDA and once again delivers unbeatable value.

Said Peter Pritchard, Director of General Merchandise at ASDA: “This is just another example of how we’re ‘DAB’ hands at offering high quality goods at the very lowest prices. When you can pay just £15 for the latest radio technology, why pay more?”

Posted in Press Centre on 12 May 2008