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Asda has become the fastest growing wine retailer in the UK.

The new figures come as ASDA this month launches a major range change across its wine category, with 680 wines now stocked – 25% of which are award winners.

ASDA’s Head of Wine Trading, Karen Doran, said: "We are the fastest growing wine retailer in the UK. As well as the 49% value growth, our market share has risen by 34.3% over a 12 week period.

“Our market share stands at 15.5% and shows ASDA’s commitment to delivering quality wines combined with value prices is really hitting the mark with customers.”

The range change at ASDA has also focused on ensuring the product offer meets customer needs. ASDA research has shown 44% of people find wine buying an ordeal, while another 44% can’t find the product they’re looking for.

Improved facings to assist shoppers have been introduced, along with vertical blocking by country and clear price hierarchy.

  • TNS four weekly to 7th Sept 2008. Market share has grown to 15.5% in the same period.
Posted in Press Centre on 13 October 2008