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Asda hammers down the cost of filling up with another 2p off at the pumps

Unleaded drops to 127.7per litre. Diesel to 132.7p

Asda is yet again leading the way on passing savings from falling oil prices to its customers by knocking up to 2p off its fuel prices – no strings attached.

From tomorrow (Tuesday, 26th June 2012) customers at any of Asda’s 196 petrol stations will pay no more than 127.7p per litre of unleaded and 132.7p per litre for diesel. This is the lowest price for a litre of fuel since February 2011.

The latest cut means Asda has shaved a massive 14p off the cost of a litre of fuel since the end of April, reducing the cost of filling up a family car by almost £10*. The drop will be a welcome relief for motorists as the latest Asda Income Tracker shows the average family had £4 per week less disposable income in May 2012 than a year ago.

What’s more – Asda customers can benefit from these low prices with no strings attached – no voucher required, no spending a fortune at the checkout to claim a saving at the pumps.

Asda’s Petrol Trading Director Andy Peake comments:

“After a weekend of falling oil prices and fading hopes of an England victory at the Euros, our petrol price cut will bring a smile back to the nation’s faces.

“Whilst we can’t rely on the England team to score from the spot, our customers know there are no penalties for filling up at Asda. Just the lowest prices, every day.”

But whilst Asda makes the most of passing on savings to customers everyday, research taken from shows that some retailers are getting away with charging up to eight pence per litre more in towns without an Asda nearby.

Asda is unique amongst supermarkets and oil companies by setting a maximum national price cap for its customers wherever they live – others rely on high prices at filling stations with no local competition to fund phoney price drops elsewhere. That clear policy is what lies behind the AA’s confirmation that towns with an Asda are likely to have Britain’s lowest petrol prices.

Back in March Asda launched a new petrol price comparison site, powered by independent price checker, to enable drivers across the UK to find the lowest priced fuel before they fill up. The supermarket aims to save Britain’s 38m drivers millions of pounds at the pumps each year by publishing the highest, lowest and average prices in every one of the 196 towns in which it operates a filling station.

* Calculation based on a 70 litre tank eg Ford Mondeo

Posted in Press Centre on 25 June 2012