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Asda goes bananas lowering prices

Supermarket slashes the price of Britons’ favourite fruit to lowest in 14

Asda has today slashed the price of bananas to just 47 pence per kilo as it
aggressively lowers prices to save customers money on their weekly shop.

The move sees the supermarket turn back the clock to 1995 … the year Forrest
Gump won best picture at the Oscars, John Major was PM and won his battle to
remain leader of the Conservative Party, OJ Simpson was arrested in a high
speed car chase and bananas were last on sale in Asda at 47p/kg.

Only a month ago the price of bananas at Asda was 84p/kg, making this the
fourth price cut in as many weeks – a dramatic 56 per cent reduction.

Today’s move sees the supermarket drop the price by a further 10 pence per

Whilst this is bound to a-peel to shoppers as bananas are Britain’s most
popular item of fruit and veg bought by millions of customers every week, it
won’t have any impact on the price Asda pays its suppliers.

The supermarket typically sells nearly two million kilograms of bananas
across the UK every week.

Nick Scrase, Asda’s fresh produce director, said: “Our job is to do all we
can to help cut the cost of living for families across the UK and there’s no
better way of doing that than by lowering prices on core staples that go
into millions of shopping trolleys every week.”

“We’re footing the bill so can guarantee the move won’t have any impact on
the price we pay our suppliers, and we’d encourage others that follow our
lead to make that same commitment.”

With more low prices than any other supermarket, Asda is increasingly
winning over cost-conscious shoppers as they look to cut the cost of their
weekly shop as they save up for Christmas.

Posted in Press Centre on 24 September 2009