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Asda Gives Families a £5 Bonus to Celebrate The Jubilee

  • Asda Price Guarantee ‘£5 off £40 bonus’ returns today (21st May) in time for Jubilee celebrations
  • Jubilee initiative follows success of Easter and Christmas £5 off £40 bonus which attracted 16 million hits to the Asda Price Guarantee website

Asda’s £5 off £40 bonus, the most impactful pricing combination ever carried out by a supermarket, returns to stores today (Monday 21st May). The £5 off £40 bonus, which was the centrepiece of Asda’s market outperformance in the final quarter of 2011 and at Easter, has been re-launched in time for the Jubilee to help hard pressed mums and supplement its unique ‘Asda Price Guarantee’.
Every customer who spends £40 or more between 21st May and 17th June and successfully checks their bill online at, will receive a £5 off £40 bonus voucher. They can then redeem this voucher against their next £40 shop in store until 17th June.

What’s more, the £5 bonus is on top of the existing Asda Price Guarantee – a cast iron pledge that an Asda basket will always be 10 per cent cheaper against Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and Morrisons or Asda will issue a voucher to make it so.

The combination of the £5 off £40 bonus, existing 10 per cent Asda Price Guarantee and hundreds of products for celebrating the Jubilee will give families exactly what they need to celebrate the Jubilee.
And to help families up and down the country celebrate in style, the nation’s favourite supermarket is also stocking up on products ‘fit for a Queen’ to ensure customers are fully prepared for Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee. With a massive 78% of the UK population planning to indulge in a Brit themed party, Asda is ensuring the £5 bonus really can have a positive impact on the nation’s Jubilee parties.

To prepare for the expected rush, Asda is reported to be filling shelves with the following:

  • Enough bunting to stretch from London to Manchester (270,000 meters)
  • Enough union jack t-shirts to clothe every black cab driver in London (18,000)
  • Enough tray bakes to fill 625 London phone boxes (150,000)
  • Enough commemorative tea towels to provide for the entire population of Windsor (37,765)
  • Enough flags to cover every square metre of Wembley stadium football pitch… 462 times (1,000,000)

The supermarket is also predicting:

  • Sales of over 1 million cucumbers over the four day celebration to create the Queen’s favourite sandwiches
  • A whopping 75% increase in sales of summer’s favourite tipple, Pimms
  • Sales of 2.8 million Victoria sponges, 2.5 million packs of crumpets, 800,000 packs of scones and 38,000 slices of its in-store café Jubilee cake in the lead up to the big celebration
  • A sell-out of its Union Jack socks – they are currently selling at a rate of 20 pairs per minute!

Mark Kupelian, head of pricing at Asda, said of the Jubilee weekend; “We know our customers will be celebrating the Jubilee and will want to buy extra treats to do so, despite the economic pressure they feel. The combination of a £5 off voucher, knowledge that Asda is 10% cheaper than anywhere else and with such a wide range of products on offer at great prices in store, Asda is set to be THE place to shop for families celebrating the Jubilee up and down the country.”

Posted in Press Centre on 21 May 2012