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Asda Flushed With Pride as Loo Roll Goes Green

Asda has become the first supermarket to insist that all of its own-brand loo roll must be produced from well managed forests.

From now on, the fibres used in its Shades brand must come from commercial woodlands overseen by conservation body the Forestry Stewardship Council.

The strict new rules will ensure that for every tree felled to make the paper, at least one other tree – and usually more – is planted to redress the loss to the planet.

In addition, to ensuring the long term future of our forests, the move will safe guard the rights of local communities in the area, ensure the protection of wildlife and fauna, and minimise the risk of soil erosion.

Said Asda environment spokesman Ian Bowles: “ This will enable everyone to play a role in protecting the earth , even when sitting in the smallest room in the house.

“It demonstrates that Asda’s support for important environmental initiatives extends from the top of the company, right down to the bottom.”

Asda customers buy over 250 million Shades rolls every year.

However using only FSC accredited schemes will ensure that none of the production is contributing to global forest destruction.

The average number of loos per British household has increased dramatically over the last 10 years, sending loo roll sales soaring.

En-suite bathrooms are now the norm for many homes, with many houses having a third fourth or even a fifth loo.

So great is customer demand that Asda introduced a mammoth loo roll pack containing a whopping 24 individual rolls earlier this year.

Posted in Press Centre on 29 January 2007