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Asda develops worlds smallest Christmas dinner

Capturing the taste and excitement of Christmas in just one bite is quite a challenge, but the chefs from ASDA have done just that. The supermarket has created what it believes to be the world’s smallest Christmas dinner in the form of an irresistible canapé.

Bringing together a selection of the very finest ingredients, the canapé features all the traditional trimmings of a Christmas dinner and has been created just in time for the festive party season.

Each individual ingredient has been handpicked by ASDA’s Head Development Chef Neil Nugent with utmost care. The ingredients of the canapé consist of:

  • A slice of Rudolph potato with its naturally bright red colour
  • A scrumptious mini-serving of apple and chestnut stuffing produced to a traditional recipe
  • A spot of red cabbage to add a touch of sweetness
  • A slice of the finest breast meat from rare and prized Blue Slate Turkey gilded with a saffron glaze
  • , A mini Brussel sprout flavoured with sage and onion butter
  • Lastly a juicy cranberry completes this contemporary interpretation of a culinary Christmas classic.

This show-stopping canapé will be in-store for Christmas 2008 and in the meantime ASDA will be sharing their secrets online with the recipe available for download on the ASDA website.

Neil Nugent comments, ‘At ASDA, we are constantly looking at product development and innovation and have devised what we believe is the ultimate Christmas party canapé. Our customers are always interested in new ways to impress their guests and this certainly fits the bill ’.

Posted in Press Centre on 17 December 2007