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Asda delivers Christmas cheer to cash-strapped shoppers

Cash-strapped shoppers are being given a reason to celebrate – ASDA has today halved the price of an award-winning Champagne.

A bottle of Francois de Rozay Brut – which was commended in this year’s Decanter awards and is exclusive to ASDA – is being cut from £19.98 to just £10 at all stores.

Meanwhile, for those on a festive budget, ASDA is offering the lowest price in the UK on a sparkling rosé declared one of the best in the world. Griffith Park Sparkling Rosé, at only £5 a bottle, has just received a gold award for the second year running in the Oscars of the sparkling wine world – the prestigious Effervescents du Monde competition.

The price commitments come as shoppers continue to stock up on Champagne and sparkling wine from ASDA despite the credit crunch. Sales across the two are up 20 per cent year on year at the supermarket, with ASDA expecting sales to remain strong over Christmas.

In the last three months alone ASDA has bucked a decline in Champagne sales by continuing to see a rise, driven in part by the increase in middle class shoppers coming through its doors. AB spend at ASDA is up more than 13 per cent year on year.

ASDA’s Master of Wine, Philippa Carr, said: "Francois de Rozay is a fantastic, quality Champagne from an award-winning producer and the stunning price will make this a popular choice for shoppers stocking up for Christmas.

“However, we know the credit crunch is impacting lots of customers, and offering an international award-winning sparkling wine like Griffith Park for just a fiver means no-one need miss out during the festive season.

ASDA is committed to giving customers the best low prices all year round, but at Christmas this becomes even more important for shoppers.”

Francois de Rozay is produced by Janisson et Fils, who have been making Champagne since 1923 from the French village of Verzenay. Janisson et Fils also supply ASDA with an award winning Rosé and Premier Cru. Francois de Rozay is crisp and fruity, with pear, apple and white peach flavours and light biscuity notes.

Griffith Park, in addition to its gold award for Sparkling Rosé in the Effervescents du Monde competition, also secured a silver with its Sparkling Brut. This too is available at ASDA for £5.

ASDA last month overhauled its entire wine and Champagne offer to cater for a range of tastes – with 25% of the range being award winners. Information panels have been introduced across the wine and champagne aisles to explain the different styles to customers.

Posted in Press Centre on 21 November 2008