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Asda cuts fuel price again

ASDA today (Thursday 11 January) announced that it would be cutting fuel prices from tonight, setting new lower pump prices at all of its 167 petrol stations across Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

ASDA’s second price cut in a week will see diesel fall to 87.9 pence per litre (ppl) at all its forecourts, with unleaded capped at 84.9 ppl. The latest cut sees diesel pump prices fall by two pence per litre reaching their lowest level in 18 months (summer 2005), and unleaded fall by one pence per litre.

ASDA Trading Director, Andy Brem, said: "The cost of fuel has continued to drop in early January in response to weak demand, with crude oil now trading around $55 a barrel down from a high of over $60 in December.

“With mild winter weather continuing, the cost of diesel has fallen even more sharply than gasoline, reducing the price gap between unleaded and diesel to just to three pence per litre.”

ASDA’s consistently low fuel pricing stance differs from other companies where prices are geared to local competition. Andy added: “If you are lucky enough to have a local ASDA, you will benefit from consistently lower motoring costs.”

On top of this price reduction, all ASDA credit and store cardholders are entitled to a further two pence per litre discount when paying for fuel with their card.

Posted in Press Centre on 11 January 2007