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Asda continues to drop petrol prices across UK

ASDA has given motorists yet more cheer with its 10th consecutive cut in petrol prices.

Today’s latest cut – to 90.9p per litre – is the lowest petrol prices have been since April 2007. Diesel has also dropped to 105.9p per litre.

ASDA’s new prices, the lowest in the UK, are effective across all of its 172 forecourts from this morning (19 November).

But, while ASDA continues to do what is right for consumers, other petrol retailers are facing mounting pressure to cut their own higher prices. Media reports quote pump prices averaging 95.16p for petrol at the weekend.

ASDA’s trading director Darren Blackhurst said: “With oil prices still falling, there is no need for petrol prices to be so high – it is simply ripping off motorists. “ASDA is committed to delivering the best and fairest prices for our customers and our continual price cuts prove that. Others should be following our lead.”

Today’s new pump prices are a result of falling oil prices, helped by less US demand for gasoline. It is ASDA’s 10th consecutive petrol price cut since July this year.

The gap between diesel and petrol is not expected to reduce in the near future, with diesel costs remaining high.

Posted in Press Centre on 19 November 2008