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Asda colleagues pocket a £15 million bonus

Today, ASDA heralded a successful end to the 2006 financial year by giving 123,000 store and depot colleagues a share of £15 million worth of annual performance-related bonus.

The bonus payments will be paid in colleagues’ February pay packet and will be shared by all colleagues with more than six months’ service working in ASDA’s 335 stores and 24 depots throughout the UK and Northern Ireland.

The annual performance-related bonus scheme was introduced in 2000 after ASDA became part of Wal-Mart and, over the first seven years of the scheme, it has paid store and depot colleagues more than £85 million in bonus payments.

The success and scale of the ASDA bonus scheme mirrors the performance of Britain’s second biggest supermarket, which has gained more than a million new customers in the last year, has once again been named Britain’s best value supermarket winning The Grocer 33 for the ninth year running and had a successful Christmas, exceeding expectations, with a record trading day on 22nd December 2006.

Increasing customer numbers, the re-invigoration of ASDA’s food business with better quality produce, more premium and organic ranges and the widest choice of local products have all helped boost the supermarket’s sales performance and deliver a bonus for its colleagues.

Whilst the average bonus payout for a full-time store colleague this year is £174, many are in line for much more.

More than 40,000 colleagues from 89 stores and depots across the UK have either hit or out-performed their targets, which means they’ll pocket between 100 and 120 per cent of their annual bonus entitlement. That’s a payout of between £300 and £360 for every full-time colleague working in those stores and depots.

“It’s the hard work and enthusiasm of our colleagues that has made the business such a success this year and helped us win over so many new customers,” said Andy Bond, ASDA’s chief executive. “It’s great to be able to share the rewards with them.”

Jude Brimble, GMB national officer for GMB members in ASDA’s stores and depots throughout England, Scotland and Wales said: “GMB members in ASDA will welcome the fact that this year workers in all the stores and all the depots will get a share of the bonus.”

Posted in Press Centre on 25 January 2007