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Asda Christmas sales round-up

ASDA completed 21 million transactions in the week before Christmas – the busiest day was Saturday 22nd December ·

Sales on Christmas Eve were one third higher than the biggest previous Christmas Eve (2004) and during the day stores were helping 67 customers-a-second through the checkouts.

The busiest store (Boldon in the North East) served more than 30 customers per minute over the busiest part of the day.

126,000 customers were queuing to get into our stores at midnight on Christmas Eve (defined as the number of customers who had completed their shopping and gone through the checkouts by 01:59).

In the seven days before Christmas, 6 stores recorded sales greater than £4m (Minworth, Havant, Boldon, Derby, Longwell Green & Eastleigh). ·

In total 41 stores surpassed £3m sales over the 7 days, and 159 stores saw sales greater than £2m.

The top performing stores were Minworth in England, Edinburgh Supercentre in Scotland, Swansea in Wales and Strabane in Northern Ireland

Product Highlights:

ASDA’s Extra Special range had its best Christmas ever, with sales doubling YOY.

Extra Special Christmas puds were the most popular, accounting for 50% of sales in the run up to Christmas ·

In the run up to Christmas ASDA sold: 1.1m kilos of sprouts – equivalent to 131 million (or 11 for every single ASDA customer in Britain); more than one million turkeys (laid end-to-end they would stretch the length of the M1) and over 100,000 bottles of champagne (that’s 300 bottles of bubbly every hour, the equivalent of 5 bottles every minute) ·

We have sold enough boxed and loose cards this Christmas to go from London to Lapland, and back, four times (over 10,000 miles!)

ASDA’s electric guitar was the gift to give this Christmas – all 15,000 guitars were sold in the run up to Christmas. Our boys and girls scooters were another big hit this year, selling 50,000 units across all stores).

Our £10 pogo sticks also performed well (we sold 25,000 in the two weeks leading up to Christmas alone).

Posted in Press Centre on 31 December 2007