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Asda champions fair price for all motorists and cuts fuel prices again

ASDA announced that once again they are to lead the way and cut the price of fuel setting a new national pump price at all of its 171 petrol stations across Great Britain and Northern Ireland from tomorrow.

ASDA’s new national fuel prices will see unleaded petrol drop by 2p to 111.9 pence per litre and diesel falling by 4p to 124.9 pence per litre at all its forecourts. ASDA is calling on other retailers to give up local pricing and adopt their national fuel prices, meaning that motorists filling up at the pumps don’t pay a premium if there is no competition in the area.

This follows on from the supermarket’s price drop last week. Further falls in the cost of petrol are enabling ASDA to pass on these cost savings to its customers.

To make sure all its customers benefit from the lower costs, ASDA has once again reduced the prices at all its forecourts to the same level, irrespective of where customers live and the prices set by local competitors.

It is also great news for motorists who are holidaying across the UK and travelling to some of Britain’s seaside and tourist resorts.

ASDA Trading Director David Miles said “At ASDA, you pay the same low fuel prices whether you’re in Elgin or Eastbourne”. "The latest price cut is a further example of our commitment to make motoring more affordable for Britain’s drivers and hopefully this time our competitors will follow suit rather than charging locally high prices. With costs falling, now is a perfect time to show fair prices to all your customers by taking higher prices off the pump ".

Posted in Press Centre on 30 July 2008