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ASDA will be living up to its reputation as a pioneer for local products through a series of celebratory events taking place in its 307 stores across the UK during August. 

To highlight the strength and significance of its relationships with suppliers, ASDA is hosting ‘Local Celebration Weeks’, offering local food producers the chance to get onto the shop floor and give customers a taste of their local delicacies. 

Starting on 31st July, the event aims to confirm ASDA’s commitment to the local products and service ranges it has been developing since the scheme started five years ago. 

And as part of its commitment to increase its local supply range, ASDA is asking the customers to let it know exactly which local foods they want to buy in store. 

The search for a ‘Local Food Hero’ is open to anyone with a passion for a local product – including shoppers and suppliers – and nominations could result in the ‘hero’ product being sold in ASDA stores UK-wide.  


“As we’re approaching our fifth anniversary for Local Sourcing, we felt it was time to highlight the impact of our pledge to work with local suppliers – and Local Celebration Week is the ideal opportunity,” said Karen Todd, Head of Local Sourcing for ASDA.


“Choice, value and quality are what our customers really want and local food products really seem to hit the spot.  Offering them means more choice for customers and more sales for suppliers - everyone wins!” Karen added. 

Some of ASDA's best selling local lines which will be showcased throughout local week include: Porky Whites Sausages (South East), Just Puds Puddings, (Yorkshire) Doddington's Dairy ice cream (North East), Roberts bread (North West) and Bury Black Pudding (North West) Malcolm Allen Pies (Scotland). 

With over 3000 local products across the country, customers won't be short of choice. 

Other activities taking place as part of the ‘Local Celebration’ events include cookery demonstrations, health checks, and awareness sessions from local charities, emergency services, councils and community groups – all aiming to bring local people closer together.   

Posted in Press Centre on 27 July 2006