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Asda boots others into touch on digital prints

Just in time for the summer holidays, ASDA today, 4th June, releases shock figures exposing a photo price rip off, as revealed in the independent Which survey.

The independent survey highlights the difference in the quality and price differences when processing digital 6×4 prints using the 1 hour service. The cost of 10 digital prints will cost you £1.80 at ASDA and nearly double the price at Boots who charge £3.00.

In the recent test performance, ASDA also led the way on quality of service scoring 69% based upon a combination of print quality, consistency, convenience and enlargements – Boots lagged someway behind with 54%, with Tesco, Jessops and Klick all disappointing with scores below 50%.

With the latest Fuji technology, ASDA photo centres ensure that pictures are developed to the highest standards. To process digital prints customers are able to use self service kiosks to edit and change their snaps to get them just right. This high quality, low cost philosophy is used across all of ASDA’s 170 photo processing centres and 265 self serve kiosks.

ASDA also offers a self service instant digital prints service, it will cost you a 29p each for up to 50 prints compared to Boots who will charge you a staggering 42p. So processing your summer snaps at ASDA certainly won’t put customers out of pocket, leaving them with more money to spend on sangria.

“This independent survey shows that when it comes to printing important photographs, ASDA is once again delivering market leading quality and also helping customers save the pennies – we don’t see why our customers should pay more for the best” said Rob Slaski, General Manager for photo-shop.

Posted in Press Centre on 04 June 2008