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Asda announces price freeze guarantee as it drops petrol prices again

ASDA has today announced it will drop petrol prices for the third time in a fortnight at all its forecourts from tomorrow morning. The supermarket is also guaranteeing customers that its new low prices will be held for at least 10 days regardless of fluctuations in the price of crude.

With OPEC meeting tomorrow and rumoured to be announcing cuts in crude production, many are predicting petrol prices will start to rise again.

However, ASDA is committed to holding its new prices of 94.9p per litre on petrol and 107.9p on diesel for at least 10 days regardless of the OPEC decision.

ASDA’s trading director Darren Blackhurst said: "We are giving drivers some certainty in these uncertain times. With world oil prices set to jump around over the next few weeks, we are guaranteeing to freeze prices at the pumps for at least the next 10 days.

“It’s simply not acceptable for anyone to be paying more than £1 for a litre of petrol no matter where they live in the UK. If they are, they’re being ripped off whilst petrol retailers pocket the profit.”

Petrol has been dropped to 94.9p and diesel to 107.9p at all ASDA’s 172 petrol stations in Great Britain and Northern Ireland this morning (October 24), unlike competitors who do not operate a uniform national pricing policy.

ASDA last week led the way in dropping petrol to below the £1 for the first time in almost a year. The last time petrol was at 94.9p at ASDA was in October last year.

The latest move comes as MPs tabled a parliamentary motion calling on all petrol retailers to follow ASDA’s lead and bring down prices below £1 a litre to help struggling families. ASDA was also praised for its national pricing, whilst other supermarkets and petrol companies were criticised for adopting regional pricing so customers in some parts of the country lose out on lower prices.

Posted in Press Centre on 23 October 2008