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Are you a scruncher or a folder?

Research from Asda, shows that the nation is divided in their toilet roll habits as they ask shoppers, do you scrunch or fold? According to the survey 68 per cent fold their toilet paper before wiping and only 15 per cent of us scrunch it.

Traditionally, it’s claimed that women are more likely to scrunch and men are more likely to fold. The survey from Asda and You Gov shows that this is the case but perhaps things aren’t as clean cut. Only a fifth of women admitted to scrunching their toilet paper compared to 10 per cent of men whereas three quarters of men admitted to folding against 63 per cent for women.

According to the research, the older a person gets the more likely they are to fold their loo roll which could come down to them having a little more time to spend a penny. Only 57 per cent of 18-24 year olds admit to folding before wiping whereas three quarters of over 55 year olds claim to do the same thing.

It’s nice to have something to read on the loo, more so if you are male, as men are more likely to read on the toilet compared to women with 59 per cent saying that they read whilst on the toilet compared to just 43 per cent of women. Some men opt for the traditional toilet reading of newspapers (45 per cent), books (33 per cent) and magazines (46 per cent) whereas some of us are more high-tech reading mobile text messages (21 per cent), internet pages on phone or laptop (17 per cent) with others simply looking for a laugh as 4 per cent read joke books.

Phil Wilkinson, Toilet Roll Marketing Manager at Asda commented: “Customers don’t need to buy expensive branded loo roll to be kind to their bottoms. Our Shades Best Ever range is officially the best, beating leading brands in independent preference tests.”

He continued: “Loo roll is something we use everyday and it’s fascinating to hear all the different routines people have – who’d have thought that the toilet could be such an eventful place. All that remains to be said is do you scrunch or fold?”

Brits use an average of 110 rolls of toilet paper a year and when it comes to waste women are worse than men as 86 per cent of women use up to 15 sheets of toilet roll every time they go to the toilet compared to 74 per cent of men. However, 3 per cent of men do admit to using over 25 sheets per visit which would be sure to block most toilets.

Many of us aged between 25 – 34 years old are clearly still mummy and daddy’s little angel as 12 per cent admit that their parents still purchase their toilet roll for them. Girls who live with their boyfriend should watch their supply as the research shows zero per cent of boyfriends will replenish the stock if it runs out.

Asda has just re-launched a new range of Shades toilet paper across all stores in the UK and the supermarket is calling this ‘it’s best ever toilet roll’. The new range will deliver a number of ‘firsts’ to the toilet tissue market by providing the Asda Shades with best ever softness, an easy start roll and Shades 2 in 1 bathroom tissue with a fragranced odour neutralising core. Finally, an independent study has shown that 780 out of 1000 mums prefer Asda Shades to the number 1 leading toilet roll brand.

Posted in Press Centre on 13 July 2010