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All the fun of the Fair (trade) at Asda

If you’re one of the many planning to raise a toast to Fairtrade Fortnight (28th February – 13th March) make sure you take a trip to Asda to fill your wine rack with a selection of South African Fairtrade wines bursting with southern hemisphere sunshine.

Asda sources a selection of its wines from the largest Fairtrade project in the world, Fairhills, which is situated in the lush surroundings of the Cape Town region in South Africa. Asda’s wine selectors always ensure the Extra Special range is full of top quality tipples and two new Fairtrade wines have recently joined the ranks.

Asda’s Extra Special South African Chenin Blanc is a deliciously dry white wine full of honey and apple aromas with a superbly smooth flavour. Serve alongside light dishes such as sushi, stir fries or chicken salad. For those who fancy something a little more full-bodied, reach for a red – Asda’s Extra Special South African Pinotage is packed full of punch and rich, berry flavours. Serve alongside roast duck or marinated ribs.

Additional Fairtrade tipples include the Fairhills Chenin Blanc Chardonnay, a fruity and zesty number with notes of zingy lime and mango, the perfect accompaniment to a healthy salad or fresh fish dish. Fairhills Merlot Shiraz is a mouth-watering smooth red wine with mulberry, chocolate and raspberry aromas. Both wines come in a bottle or a wine box format ideal for any Fairtrade festivities that you might be hosting or attending.

Buying Fairtrade products allows farmers and workers to build a better life for themselves and their families, through fair prices and direct trade. The Fairhills project now benefits over 1,210 people between the ages of 3 months and 92 years of age. Success stories include the setting up of several initiatives in the healthcare, education and childcare sectors such as the Fairhills Adult Literacy Program, Computer Literacy Program and the building of Fairhills Library. Fairhills wines are produced and distributed by Origin Wine.

Katie Mollet, Wine Selector for South African Wines at Asda says “Taking the step to produce an Extra Special branded Fairtrade wine is a big commitment on our part; we are delighted to show our support for the Fairtrade sector at a time when more and more of our shoppers are looking out for the logo. Here at Asda we will definitely be raising a glass to the fortnight and the fantastic work Fairhills carries out.”

Posted in Press Centre on 11 February 2011