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Asda shoppers support their animals as well as local community in the cold snap

According to Asda, man’s best friend maybe his dog, but as the Big Freeze sweeps the nation compassionate Brits are giving their furry friends extra TLC.

The supermarket retailer has experienced a deluge of customers stocking up and bulk buying treats to make sure beloved pets are protected from the Arctic temperatures.

The RSPCA is urging people to look after birds and animals by sharing the extra titbit to make sure they stay well fed and put extra bedding out for indoor animals so they aren’t cold at night

Shoppers are making the most of the supermarket’s extra low prices on pet goods – even catering for back garden visitors such as birds in the freezing conditions

It’s not just us who want to keep warm and cosy, pet owners are buying blankets to keep dogs, cats etc from feeling the cold and have sold more than 3,000 units in 1 day.

Asda’s top selling pet blanket is on sale for £1 and is proving a ‘must-have’ for chilly Chiuawas and shivering Shitsus

Sales of doggie treats are up 15% as owners look to cheer up their pooches as many dogs preferring to curl up on sofa rather than run around the park

Traditional household pets are not the only ones benefitting; many shoppers are taking pity on wild birds who are unable to feed on the frozen ground

The supermarket has shifted double volume of bird seed this year compared to last year which calculates at a 93% increase

The most popular choice is the huge 6.5kg sack which suggests customers are buying their bird food in bulk to ensure they have suppliers on hand

Phil Wilkinson, Pet and Household Buyer at Asda commented: “There are many reports of Brits rallying together to help in tough weather conditions and it seems this has been extended to pets and also other neighbourhood animals as well. All creatures great and small need to be shown care and attention especially in this weather and Asda is offering affordable products for the four legged kind as well as the two legged.”

Sales of cat litter are up 50% this year compared to last year – however some customers are using this in rather unorthodox ways by using it as a substitute for grit on icy paths

Below is an example of some of the other great pet deals currently on at Asda:

Wagg worker (12kg) food – down from £8.16 to £5, save £3.16
Pedigree Denta Stix (28 pack) – down from £8.16 to £5, save £3.16
Catsan litter (10l)- down from £6.90 to £4, save £2.90
Whiskas 25-pouch pack – down from £6.87 to £4, save £2.87
Iams proactive nutrition succulent roast chicken (3kg) – down from £8.74 to £4, save £4.74
Feline Fayre Simply… (3×85g) – down from £1.57 to £1, save 57p
Feline Fayre multipack pouches (8×85g) – down from £1.87 to £1, save 87p

Offers last until the 17th January 2010

Posted in Press Centre on 14 January 2010