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A 6p Card For Your Mother-In-Law?

Following the huge success of its 8p Valentine, ASDA has unveiled the latest in its range of budget brand Smart Price cards - this time designed especially for Mother’s Day. Priced at only 6p, it’s a huge 25% saving on the Smart Price Valentine. ASDA believes it needs a price edge over its romantic counterpart as it’s for your mother-in-law.

The card bears the branding of ASDA Smart Price budget range of products - just like its baked beans, bourbons and beef – and features a 6p sticker on the front. The sticker can be removed, giving a less tongue-in-cheek take on the “Because your worth it” wording on the inside.

More than 10,000 have gone into stores at the beginning of the week and they are already proving to be the number one item in the card range. The cards are outselling the products from the floral, poem and hearts and flowers ranges by as much as two to one in some stores.

The cards have already become collectibles with listings already appearing on Ebay for 25 times the value of the cards sold in stores. It was a similar story in February when all of the 3,000 ASDA Smart Price Valentines sold out in just three days.

But ASDA haven’t forgotten about the floral gift. New to the Mother’s Day flower ranges which, as ever, includes lilies, roses and orchids is the suitably carnivorous £3 Venus Fly Trap – similarly priced not to break the bank.

“It’s a bit cheeky but then so are we.” Said Fergal Gara, ASDA Cardshop Manager, “Normally mothers-in-law get totally overlooked on this special day. We’re sure that if you give your mother-in-law our 6p card this year it’ll make it a day to remember.”


Posted in Press Centre on 24 March 2006