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£20 Wonderbum dresses perk up the nation's bottoms this Christmas

  • 85% of women worry about their bottom size
  • Survey of 18,000 women highlights the peach bottom is no more
  • Four new fruity bottom shapes revealed: Tomato, Potato Pear and Nectarine, in nationwide poll
  • George at Asda launches range of wonderbum party dresses for all shapes and sizes for just £20

The age old question of ‘Does by bum look big in this?’ will never be a problem again thanks to a new range of £20 ‘wonder bum’ party dresses for all shapes and sizes by George at Asda.

In a survey of over 18,000 women*, Asda discovered that 85% of women worry most about the shape and size of their behinds. 55% are at their most bottom conscious when buying new clothes and 62% highlighted that they don’t have a clue about what to wear nor how to dress their behind this party season.

George at Asda linked up with bottom expert Dr David Holmes to carry out further research into this problem area. Results show that due to modern day diets and exercise, today’s ladies have somewhat evolved in the bottom department. Astonishingly the research revealed that the traditional peach is no longer the norm and that in fact today’s women have one of four new fruity bottom shapes: Tomato, Potato, Pear and the Nectarine.

For the first time women across the country can stop worrying about their bums. In response to the research Asda has created a series of Christmas party dresses to cater for today’s derrières so every shape and size is looked after this party season.

The Tomato

A new take on the peach with 45% of the women surveyed highlighting that this shape was most applicable to their behind. Bigger, plumper, rounder and squishy to the touch the tomato is fast becoming the norm in modern day society. This bottom shape sits great in a tight structured dress, it needs firming and rounding and the black lace dress is the perfect companion to lift this particular shape and make it look great.

The Potato

The second most common shape to have materialised across the nation is the potato with 30% of the women claiming. This wide and long bottom is a less fortunate shape; lumpy in parts it needs careful dressing and attention. A tulip shaped shift is perfect for hiding a multitude of sins and with its slimming effect this is the perfect dress shape to elongate a wide behind.

The Pear

The pear shaped figure has now evolved into the pear shaped bottom, narrower at the top and almost twice the size at the fullest part of the behind. It’s a tricky shape to buy for, but easy to solve with a distraction. A long maxi dress works wonders creating a longer silhouette detracting from the lower region and a halter neckline accentuating the shoulders balances out the bottom. 15% of women highlighted that this shape was most applicable to them.

The Nectarine

Close to the cartoonesque derrière perfection of two bowling balls pushed together it’s full and round and pert in appearance. A bottom that stands out well naturally, this bottom doesn’t need too much enhancement and looks great in a fantastic red dress. Unfortunately, this is a rare bottom and it’s not often seen strutting down the high street with only 10% claiming to own this perfect derrière.

“Women should celebrate their shapes this Christmas. We’ve designed a range of gorgeous party dresses to suit every shape and size. The nation’s bottoms will shine on the dance floor this Christmas whether in a floor length maxi dress or our structured black lace dress” said an Asda spokesperson.

Asda’s Christmas party range features a range of great dresses perfect for the party season and will make bums across the country look better than ever. The range includes: a figure-hugging satin dress in red accessorised by a diamanté detail belt, a crepe, black halter-neck style maxi dress with bead and lace-panel detailing, a shimmery-blue, strapless hitched tulip dress. The range also includes a short, gold lace-overlay dress and a deep blue velvet, bandeau number.

The dresses are on sale now and from £20 in sizes 8-20 and are available in Asda stores nationwide.

Posted in Press Centre on 10 November 2010