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• Families have seen a 1.9% increase in earnings since July 2015 with disposable income reaching an average of £202 per week
• Growth in spending power has slowed as essential item inflation increased to 0.1%
• Highest-earning households took home 10 times more than the lowest income households in July 2016
• The wealthiest household’s earnings have grown almost eight times faster than that of lower income households

UK families had £10 more disposable income in their pocket compared to the same time last year, according to Asda’s July Income Tracker.

The average disposable income for UK households reached £202 a week, an increase of 5.4% compared to July 2015.

While the latest figures mark the 21st consecutive month of a double-digit rise in spending power, the data indicates that growth has slowed to its lowest rate since October 2014. This decline has been driven by a rise in essential item inflation (0.1%) and a slowdown in wage growth.

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Posted in Press Centre on 31 August 2016
Press Centre
  • The average UK household had a weekly disposable income of £201 a week last month, an average of £12 more than in June 2015
  • Annual growth in spending power has remained above £10 a week for 20 consecutive months
  • Wage growth across the UK remained relatively flat (2.2%) but stayed well above the level of essential item inflation (-0.1%)
  • The rate of unemployment across the UK fell to its lowest level (4.9%) in 11 years
  • Across the nation, families in the North East and Wales saw the largest rise in discretionary income over the last quarter, while the West Midlands saw a fall in the rate of spending power growth

Families across the UK welcomed another rise in spending power in June, with average discretionary income once again reaching £201 a week, according to Asda’s monthly Income Tracker.

The latest figures revealed that families enjoyed an extra £12 a week (6.2%) on average in June, compared to the same period last year. The increase marks the 20th consecutive month of double-digit growth in spending power, with total average discretionary income remaining at a record level since the Income Tracker began in 2008.

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Posted in Press Centre on 28 July 2016
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  • Unexpected Pokemon in the bagging area

Asda has today (11 July) issued its official guidelines to help customers and colleagues enjoy Pokemon Go, while keeping safe in stores. The new app, which isn’t even officially launched in the UK yet, is a global phenomenon and Asda has seen a surge in customers asking customer service colleagues for assistance in finding Pokemon.

An Asda spokesperson, said: “We all want our customers to enjoy finding a Pikachu at the pizza counter, or a Jigglypuff at George, but we acknowledge that there have been some concerns about the distractions caused by the game. So today’s guidelines will help everyone catch those highly sought after items safely – not to mention Pokemon too.”

Asda’s official Pokemon Go in-store guidelines

1) There is enough Pokemon for everyone – no running in stores to be the first to catch one
2) Celebrate respectfully – shouting ‘YESSS’ at the fish counter may unnerve people
3) Help is on hand – customer service colleagues will be on hand to offer safe directions around stores if you need assistance in safely locating a Pokemon
4) Eyes up – please be mindful of fellow shoppers and be aware of your surroundings
5) All children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian and should not engage strangers (that’s a very serious one please, folks)
6) Everyone is welcome to use the in-store Wi-Fi – please don’t run up huge bills on our account
7) Please refrain from abandoning trolleys while catching Pokemon
8) If any Pikachu are found in our stores then please let customer services know and we’ll congratulate you over the tannoy
9) Gym etiquette – when training in our stores which are Pokegyms, feel free to use our store cafes to train in comfort
10) Please keep your Pikachu on a lead at all times

Posted in Press Centre on 11 July 2016
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  • The average UK household had £201 a week of discretionary income in May – £13 more than in May 2015
  • Year-on-year growth in spending power has now remained in double digits for over 18 months
  • It is the second consecutive month discretionary income has reached £200 or over and – the highest amount recorded since the Asda Income Tracker was established in 2008
  • The impact of the National Living Wage, coupled with the falling cost of essentials, provided an additional boost to families’ bank balances
    UK families enjoyed another increase in spending power last month, as weekly discretionary income for May reached £201 – an all time record high for Asda’s monthly Income Tracker.

The latest data revealed that family spending power rose by £13 (7.2%) a week, compared to the same month last year – the highest rate of growth since November 2015. This increase also marks the 19th consecutive month that the growth in discretionary income has remained in double digits.

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Posted in Press Centre on 21 June 2016
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Today, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (NYSE: WMT) today announced a series of leadership moves in its International division.

Andy Clarke, President and Chief Executive Officer at Asda, has decided the timing is right to step aside from his role with the company. Over more than 20 years with Asda, and the last six as CEO, Andy has been a key contributor to Walmart’s success in the U.K., one of the world’s most competitive retail markets. Andy and his leadership team have played a key role in several innovations in the marketplace, such as grocery home delivery and pickup. He has also served as a strong leader for the business during a time of increased competition and heightened customer expectations.

Andy will remain with the business until the end of July, at which point he will serve as an advisor for the remainder of 2016. He will also retain his current role as Asda’s representative in certain functions, namely as president of the IGD, a research and training charity which provides information and best practice to the global food and grocery industry.

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Posted in Press Centre on 13 June 2016