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Throw a fun Monsters Inc style birthday bash for your little one

Monsters Inc

The ever popular characters from Disney Pixar’s Monsters, Inc. have returned to our screens in the highly anticipated prequel, Monsters University. It might have been 12 years since the original movie was out but everyone is still really excited for the latest addition!

Monsters Inc plates

Monsters University gives us the chance to see how Mike and Sulley met in their adventures at University and how they learned to be Scarers – and given that the first movie was such a hit we are sure this one is going to be too! A Monsters University party is perfect for children of all ages and we’ve got some great products and party game ideas to make it one to remember.

We have everything you need to create the perfect Monsters University party table – choose from our tablecover, plates, napkins and cups to set the party food out in style. These balloons are great for dressing the room too!

Monsters Inc cups

And of course, you can’t forget the party bags. For monstrous fillings we recommend our beastly pack, but if you want to please everyone we have some great generic party favours. Our favourites are the bouncy balls, yoyos and bubbles. Or if you want to make it quick and simple you can try these pre-filled Monsters University party bags – they’re sealed and filled with sweets, toys and games!

To keep the kids entertained, why not get them decorating cupcakes in Mike and Sulley style? Just make green and blue frosting and spread that on – then you can pre-roll some white and black fondant icing into the shape of eyes and use white chocolate chips for pointy teeth!

Party and Celebration Recommendation: Take a leaf from Mike and Sulley’s book and serve up some monstrous games to get the party guests into the spirit – you could set up a camera or phone and tell everyone to pull their scariest monster faces in a competition! Why not offer these trophies or medals out as prizes? Or if the kids are feeling brave, blindfold them one at a time and get them to touch various monstrous foods, such as peeled grapes (tell them they’re eyeballs) or cold tinned spaghetti (worms). Guaranteed to make them squirm! In true Monsters University style you could even give them a “Monster Diploma” afterwards for completing these scary “classes”!

Posted by Hayley Bolton on 19 July 2013
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