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Celebrate a pending arrival with a baby shower

Baby showers are a fantastic way to celebrate an upcoming birth, whether you’re organising one for yourself or throwing one for an expecting friend! It’s a perfect opportunity to decorate and organise fun games to get everyone into the spirit – with a popular theme at the moment being a “gender reveal” party!


Our Party range has everything you need to throw a pretty baby shower, whether it’s a traditional celebration or a gender reveal surprise! Why not deck the room with hanging decorations and garlands in pink or blue. And you could use our helium cannister to create an attractive table centrepiece of pastel coloured balloons! These pretty lilac and pink pearlised balloons look great with any theme.

Serve up snacks and drinks with our plastic plates in pink or blue. Or go for an elegant silver theme if you don’t want to give anything away – we have gorgeous matching silver-coloured plates, napkins and placecards to make any buffet table look stylish.
Games are the perfect way to entertain at a baby shower, and there are lots of fun ideas to make sure your guests won’t forget it in a hurry! Why not ask all your guests to bring a picture of themselves as a baby, stick them on the wall and have people try and guess who is who? Or give everyone a long piece of ribbon and some scissors and ask them to use the ribbon to guess the size of the mum-to-be’s tummy!

And finally, why not give your guests the ultimate surprise by using your baby shower as an opportunity to reveal the gender? Ask your guests to choose pink or blue plates for their food depending on what gender they think the baby is – you could even write some clues around the buffet table that might help them (for example the cravings you have experienced and other superstitions!) or pop their guess into a voting-style box. Then the ways to reveal are as endless as your imagination – why not play “pass the parcel” with the clues hidden in the layers, and the final prize being an “It’s a Boy” or “It’s a Girl” badge? Or frost a pink or blue layer cake and cut it to reveal the surprise! Did you know you can even request a sealed envelope from some ultrasound scans and give it directly to a bakery, so it’s a surprise for you too!


Perfect baby shower gifts: We have some beautiful Disney gifts that would make a special present for the baby’s nursery. Our favourites are this Little Roo moneybox and snow globe.

Posted in Party Shop on 27 June 2013
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