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Our Asda Pharmacies offer Erectile Dysfunction treatment service

Our Asda Pharmacies now offer treatment without a prescription to men who suffer from Erectile Dysfunction (ED).


It’s an extremely common condition that most men will experience at some point in their lives.

Although it can be treated many men struggle to talk about it and may avoid making an appointment with their GP.

All Asda Pharmacies have a private consultation room where you can speak to the Asda Pharmacist in confidence about the condition and seek the advice you need.

Asda Pharmacists can:

  • Discuss the lifestyle factors that may be causing the condition and advise you on managing these
  • Check whether any of your existing medication could be a contributing factor
  • Tell you if you’re eligible for ED medication and if so, they can sell you this at the Pharmacy
  • Undertake a health check to see if there are other more serious underlying conditions

The Asda ED service is a private medical service, meaning you will have to pay for the treatment yourself. The cost of the service is dependent upon how many tablets you obtain – you can get up to sixteen tablets at a time.

For more advice, speak to your Asda Pharmacist today and ask for a chat in the private consultation room.

Don’t forget, your Asda Pharmacy is open 7 days a week with late opening times available meaning you can discuss this at a time convenient to you.

Posted in Our Stores on 01 August 2012