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Buy, Play, Trade: pre-owned games now at more than 200 Asda stores

You can now buy and sell pre-owned games at Asda as part of our Buy, Play, Trade campaign in more than 200 stores.

Customers can bring in their unwanted games and trade them in against other titles or exchange them for money on a Buy, Play, Trade card which can be redeemed against future game purchases or spent anywhere in store.

buying pre-owned games

Enter your postcode below to find your nearest trade-in games store:

Pre-owned games will be on sale from £5 and go up to £30 for the newest titles. It’s a chance to stock up on classic games you might have missed, or try a new type of game without spending a fortune. For example, you can pick up a pre-owned copy of Gears of War for just £8 that was £50 when it first came out a few years ago.

“In these economic conditions people haven’t got £40 to £50 in their pockets to buy games,” says Andrew Thompson, head of games at Asda. “Games releases are coming thick and fast – parents can’t afford to keep up. We’re making it even easier for customers to save money every day,” says Andrew.

Pre-owned games manager Greg Walton sets and reviews the prices each week to keep them competitive, based on the price of the new game, how well it’s selling and how much stock we have. He used to be head of pre-owned games at Game Station and has seen how pre-owned games have snowballed in popularity.

The trade in pre-owned games has become much more mainstream in the past couple of years – it used to be restricted to games specialists but the market is now said to be worth £500 million. We’re the first supermarket to offer pre-owned games in more than 200 of our stores and we’re delighted to be able to offer the service to the majority of our customers.

How to trade in your old games
To trade in a game simply take it to the entertainment desk at one of our Buy, Play, Trade stores. Games need to be in decent condition with their original packaging, complete with instructions.

trading in games

If it’s missing instructions or has ripped packaging we can’t accept it. We only accept games in the following formats: Xbox360, PS3, Nintendo DS or Nintendo Wii and the game needs to be listed in our database. Games not listed include imports or games for different territories.

If your game is slightly scratched we might still be able to help. We have “disrepair” machines in store that can remove superficial scratches and restore the game to its original condition. (This service costs £1.)

You can trade in games from 8am to 10pm in participating stores at the entertainment desk and you can buy a pre-owned game from any checkout in store.

We’ll be doing more exciting trade in deals on new games soon so keep checking back to find out more.

Posted in Our Stores on 21 October 2010