Sustainability | Sustainable Palm Oil

Palm oil is one of the safest and most useful oils around. It ends up in a lot of the products we buy, from chocolate to medicines.

The problem is that because it’s so useful, demand is high. In the last ten years, global production has doubled. By the year 2000, palm oil was the most produced and traded vegetable oil in the world (FAO).

This can obviously have a huge impact on the areas where it’s grown, as man-made plantations affect the environment, wildlife and surrounding communities. We won’t ban the use of palm oil, but we will work extremely hard to source it sustainably, and persuade other businesses like ours to do the same.

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Posted in Sustainability | Sustainable Palm Oil on 21 February 2011
Sustainability | Fairtrade & Organic

We know you care about Fairtrade and organic products, which is why we’re working to get as many on the shelf for you as possible, but still at the same everyday low prices.

The Fairtrade Foundation is an accredited organization that certifies products to make sure they’re up to standard. If you buy a product with the Fairtrade logo you can guarantee it’s produced by workers in safe and decent conditions, and that they are being paid a fair wage.

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21 February 2011
Sustainability | Animal Welfare

At Asda we see the farmers we work with as partners, not just suppliers. We strive to develop close working relationships with all of them, to make sure they get the best deal, their animals get fair treatment, and we bring you the best quality products available.

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21 February 2011
Sustainability | Our Products

In full compliance with the European Detergents Regulations (EC 648/2004), we have a dedicated section of where you can find the ingredients present in our range of household detergents: Detergents information

26 July 2008