We're proud to be supporting male cancer charity Orchid


We’re delighted to support Orchid – a charity whose mission is to save men’s lives from male-specific cancers.

Orchid, which was formed in 1996 by former testicular cancer patient Colin Osborne, offers support and information to people affected by male-specfic cancer. It does this through a dedicated medical research programme plus education and awareness campaigns – as well as a range of support services.

Orchid puts on loads of great events in communities – including a Community Golf Programme for young people, health information sessions, awareness events and roadshows. The charity also has a range of information materials for patients and their families, including factsheets and online resources.


Orchid aims to give every health clinic, school and workplace in the UK the right knowledge and skills to tackle male-specific cancers. And here at Asda we want to help it achieve its targets and raise awareness – as well as support its pioneering research and nursing programmes.

We’re also working with Orchid to promote a healthy lifestyle through sport and exercise, and are backing fundraising events including the launch of “The BIG BBQ”.

Asda Chief Executive Andy Clarke said: “I hope this new and exciting partnership will help men and women be aware of the symptoms and also help raise a significant amount of money for this fantastic cause.”

If you have been recently diagnosed with a male cancer, are a family member seeking more information or a are healthcare professional looking to run an information session, Orchid is here to help. Visit their website and look out for more information on how you can help to support this great cause!

Posted in Orchid on 30 January 2013