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Product Brand: O’Donnells
Durability Date: 05 August 2015
Product Name: O’Donnells Authentic Hand Cooked Crisps Mature Irish Cheese Red Onion
Batch Code: 5105
Weight: 50g

What’s the issue?
A small number of bags from this batch have been contaminated with another snack type which contains gluten so should not be consumed by Gluten Intolerant consumers. No other O’Donnells products or Best Before codes are affected by this recall.

What should you do?
If you have purchased a product with a best before date of 05 August 2015, please return it to the store where it was purchased.

Please accept our apologies and be assured that a full investigation has been carried out to ensure this incident is not repeated.

Posted in Notes and briefings on 11 May 2015
Notes and briefings

Product Description: Young’s Jumbo Seafood Sticks

Product Weight: 200g

Barcode (EAN): 5000205043302

Production “Julian” Code: A5083C

Use by date: 23-05-15

As a precaution, Young’s Seafood are recalling packs of its chilled Young’s Jumbo Seafood Sticks that have been manufactured from a batch where a small number of packs were found to have poor packaging seals. The packaging issue may lead to accelerated product deterioration ahead of the prescribed Use By Date. The ONLY affected Seafood Sticks are those with the Use By Date code of 23-05-15, which can be found on the base of the pack, and consumers are asked to check for this code. Packs with this code have been on sale at ASDA and Sainsbury’s (Sainsbury’s convenience stores only). Customers are advised not to consume the product. Products purchased at ASDA and Sainsbury’s, with the Use By Date 23-05-15 may be returned to these stores without a receipt for a full refund.

For further details of how to return the product for a full refund, or if you have any questions, please call the Young’s Seafood care line on: 0800 496 8647 or email

The recall does not affect any other Young’s Seafood products.

We apologise to retailers and our customers for any inconvenience caused by this voluntary recall. The safety and quality of our products is highly important to us and we take all issues regarding the production and packaging of our food extremely seriously.

Posted in Notes and briefings on 22 April 2015
Notes and briefings

Little Angels 2 Newborn Soothers

Product: Little Angels 2 Newborn Soothers 0+ Months – All designs

Barcode: 5052449627114

Price: £2.25

What’s happened:

As a precaution, Asda is recalling the Little Angels 2 Newborn Soothers 0+ Months (dummies). These are sold in twin packs, the shield is clear and the plug on the front has a number of different designs. We have had one customer complaint that the teat has broken away and detached from the hard casing, so we have taken the precaution of taking the product off sale and recalling from customers due to the possible risk of choking.

What you should do:

If you have purchased Asda Little Angels Newborn Soother 0+ Months 2-pack, please dispose of it or take it back to your local Asda for a full refund, no receipt is necessary. No other Asda Little Angels soothers/dummies are affected.

We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused and will ensure this doesn’t happen again.

If you would like any further information please contact:
Asda Customer Relations – 0800 952 0101

Posted in Notes and briefings on 05 April 2015
Notes and briefings

PRICE: £12.50
IDENT NO: 323-3231-0900-001

Product recall Spiderman costume

What’s happened?
The wrong batteries have been included inside the Spiderman Light-Up Dress-Up’s removable light up unit. This is a potential safety issue.

The care and safety of our customers is our number one priority and as a result we have taken the precautionary decision to recall the product.

This affects Spiderman Light-Up Dress-Up costumes age 3/4, 5/6, 7/8, 9/10, 11/12 and 13/14 years.

No other items in our range are affected.

We are truly sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

What should you do now?
Please return the costume with the original batteries back to Asda George.
Customers will be given a full refund.

For further information please contact ASDA Customer Relations on: 0800 952 0101

Posted in Notes and briefings on 20 March 2015
Notes and briefings

The December issue of Asda Magazine includes a festive planner with tips for Christmas on pages 10-11.

One of these tips suggested spraying your Christmas tree with hairspray to “glue” the needles together to stop them dropping on the floor.

We recognise this is a bad idea and would urge people NOT to spray their Christmas trees with hairspray as this poses a fire risk.

We apologise for the error.

Posted in Notes and briefings on 28 November 2014