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Four frozen burger products withdrawn as a precaution

As a precaution we have withdrawn four frozen burger products produced by a company in Northern Ireland after a separate batch of meat in another part of their premises was found by the Food Standards Agency to contain horse DNA.

We conducted our own DNA tests, along with environmental health officers, on the four burger products being produced by Freeza Meats for Asda and these have come back free of any trace of horse meat.

Although all the science says there’s no trace of horse meat in the burgers produced for Asda, we can’t and won’t take any chances when it comes to the authenticity of ingredients in our products – so as a precaution we’ve taken all four frozen burger products off sale.

We have instructed Freeza Meats to segregate and hold any frozen burgers currently in production or in their supply chain destined for Asda. These four products will remain withdrawn from sale until further notice.

Our move comes after the Food Standards Agency tested a quantity of frozen meat being held in a cold store by Freeza Meats for another trader.

Today’s actions are part of the investigations following the discovery of horse DNA in meat at a factory in the Republic of Ireland

Posted in Notes and briefings on 05 February 2013