Notes and briefings

Daily Mail Union Jack Asda article

You may have seen a news article about a so-called “ban” on Union Jack branding on products in Asda stores in the run-up to the Diamond Jubilee and Olympic Games.

There is no question of any “ban”. We’ll be pulling out the stops as we always do at Asda to celebrate both events in a big way.

Asda union flag

The article in the Daily Mail had picked up on a badly worded email sent to a very small number of suppliers. We’ve written to the suppliers apologising and saying the note should never have been sent.

Adrian McKeon, our Commercial Director Grocery, says in the letter: "While I know you know there’s no ‘ban’ I wanted to personally apologise for the email you received. It was a badly worded note that shouldn’t have been sent. It didn’t even make sense to me, nor did it reflect the huge support we’re putting behind the Olympic Games and Diamond Jubilee celebrations in our stores.

“Please accept my apologies for any offence or confusion caused – we look forward to working with you on an exciting summer of celebrations.”

14 March 2012