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We've got lots of tasty American treats in more than 100 stores!

American sweets

We love a bit of American food here at Asda – so much so that we’ve got a huge selection of authentic American candy at more than a 100 of our bigger stores!

We get lots of people asking us to stock tasty US treats this side of the Atlantic, so we’ve put American candy bays into 127 superstores across the country.

Here’s just a selection of the products you can buy without having to jump on a transatlantic flight – a selection are available online too:

We’ve had loads of positive feedback on Twitter about the range – check out what some of our customers have been tweeting:

@Islaxxxxx – Hersheys hot chocolate, tootsie rolls, giant marshmallows and froot loops. I love you asda :3

@emmilycharlotte – The fact that asda now sells marshmallow fluff is the reason life is worth living.

@TaijaPD – Went asda and they had hershey’s chocolate bars, hershey’s kisses giant marshmallows and tootsie roll _ I was so pleasantly surprised!

@LeeshBO – Missing American food already so glad ASDA sells Hersheys cookies&cream, tootsie rolls and Oreos

@sal1927 – Thank you for finally selling Froot Loops @asda ! Those and my Reese’s Peanut Butter cups are making me feel like I’m on holiday again!

To find your nearest superstore visit our Store Locator here and then give them a call to see if they stock what you’re after.

We’d love to head your feedback about the range! Let us know what you think and tell us which products you’d love to see by commenting below or tweeting @asda.

Posted in News & Blogs on 02 August 2013