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Jill and Pete as much in love as when they wed at Asda York

Jill and Pete Freeman made headlines when they got married in our York store – after meeting at the checkout where she works.

Jill and Pete

The couple say they’ll be celebrating Valentine’s Day just as much in love as when they first met 14 years ago.

Jill said: “Customers still say to me now, ’Aren’t you the one who got married in Asda?’ and we have a chat about it. I enjoy working here and I met Pete here – I love him to bits.”

Pete had joked about getting married in the store but the more they thought about it the more they thought they should. Pete said: “We asked the General Store Manager’s permission; he said it was a great idea and it went from there.”

The store paid for a marriage licence and the couple tied the knot in the George department surrounded by 150 guests, colleagues and amazed customers on a busy Saturday afternoon in February 2004. It was the first ever supermarket wedding in England.

Pete and Jill on their Wedding Day

The “aisle” was the store’s escalator up to the George department – and, as Pete carried his bride back down after the ceremony, a piper played the Asda ‘Pocket Tap’ jingle.

In keeping with the Asda theme, the couple bought their rings and Pete’s suit from George – and they even wore Asda name badges saying ‘bride’ and ‘groom’. Jill’s colleague Annette Minton, who also still works at the store, was Matron of Honour.

Pete, who’s 66, said: "Friends and family thought we were mad but I’m so glad we did it – it was a great day. It all worked out well and what Asda did for us in setting everything up was fantastic.

“My main memory of the day is seeing Jill come through the clothing department in her dress – it was wonderful.”

He said: “We’re just as much in love now as when we first met – in fact we’ve never had an argument.”

Jill, 55, said: “I remember I got out of the wedding car and all I could see were the lights from people taking photographs. We didn’t really expect all the attention but we didn’t mind. It was just a brilliant, lovely day.”

The wedding day

Jill started working for Asda in 1995 at the store’s old location in York, and transferred to the new store at the Monks Cross shopping park in 1997.

She said: "Pete used to bring his daughter in shopping – he always used to go through my till. We started chatting, swapped numbers and it just went from there.

“After Pete proposed he said ‘We met at Asda, why don’t we get married in Asda?‘. The more I thought about it I thought, let’s go for it!”

Posted in News & Blogs on 10 February 2017