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Roxanne thanks Janet for calming her upset son at the checkout

We love it when customers get in touch to tell us about the little things our colleagues do that make a big difference – like Asda Wheatley customer Roxanne Davis who contacted us on Twitter to tell us how wonderful our colleague Janet was when her six-year-old son Rylee got very upset in the store.

Roxanne, Rylee and Janet

Janet, a former nurse, managed to calm Rylee – who is autistic – by talking gently to him, helping him play with one of his toy cars and giving him a reassuring hug.

Roxanne told us: “People like Janet who take the time to understand what’s happening and find a way of dealing with it are fantastic.”

Roxanne and Rylee have since made a special trip to the store to present Janet with an Easter egg as a thank you.

Rylee gives Janet her Easter egg

Roxanne said: "We were in the store a couple of weeks ago – we were down the Easter egg aisle and Rylee wanted a particular egg. He started getting upset and tore some of the packaging. He then picked up another egg.

“He started moving his head backwards and forwards which he does when he’s frustrated. People were staring at him which makes him more upset and affects me too. They don’t understand; they just think he’s being naughty.

“He was crying and shouting and he was getting more and more upset as we approached the checkout.

“I’d been served by Janet before and she’s always been nice but this time she went above and beyond. She could see I was having problems.

“She reassured him, said ‘You have to do what your mummy says’ and whizzed his little toy car down the conveyor belt. She also discreetly hid the second egg so he didn’t get upset that he couldn’t have it.

“The shopping went through and she came over and gave Rylee a cuddle. She gave me a cuddle too and even gave me advice on where to find support for children with autism locally.

“By this time I was in floods of tears. She didn’t have to do any of it. She was great; so kind from the moment we approached the checkout.

“People like Janet who take the time to understand what’s happening and find a way of dealing with it are fantastic and I wanted her to be recognised for what she did.”

Roxanne, Rylee and Janet

Rylee has sensory processing disorder – which means he can become upset when he hears loud noises.

Janet, 60, worked as a nurse for 40 years before joining the Wheatley store.

She said: "Roxanne has come through my checkout with Rylee a couple of times so I know he is autistic. I’ve seen him on his good days and on his bad days. He was just having a bad day.

“I just reassured him really. I gave him a hug, then Roxanne welled up so I gave her a hug too.

“I’m a retired nurse so I’m used to dealing with all sorts of situations. I love my job, I love talking to customers and colleagues too. We are a superstore but we’re a small one and it’s such a lovely place to work.”

Posted in News & Blogs on 07 April 2017