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We've broken the Guinness World Record for the largest cheesecake!


We love cheesecake – so much that we’ve just made the biggest one in the whole world!

At the Nantwich International Cheese Show this week, our team helped create this massive 2,100kg blueberry cheesecake – breaking the Guinness World Record in the process!

The record-breaking cake was made form Chosen by you… ingredients, including a biscuit base, soft cheese, cream cheesecake mix, and blueberries. It took 30 people four days to make!

Thomas Holmes, Asda customer planner for cheese, helped to lead the project.

He said: "Going for the world record cheesecake was tough going but we’re all thrilled to have not crumbled under the pressure and bring that record back home to the UK – it was obviously meant to ‘Brie’!

“The cheesecake looks and tastes fantastic and we’ll be sampling it at the event over the next few days, before donating the rest to a local food charity.”

Posted in News & Blogs on 31 July 2013